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Safe sexting

Sexting is a lot like sex. It's fun and can play an important part in healthy relationships. But just like with sex you need protection. Without protection your nude pictures and sexts may be leaked to the outside world. Learn what the risks are and how to keep your privacy safe.

Why leaks happen

Leaks may happen for a number of reasons

  • Hackers might get into your accounts and steal your nudes to blackmail you or tarnish your reputation

  • A disgruntled ex might want to forward nudes to hurt you or make you look bad

  • Catfishing. Catfishing is the use of fake accounts on social media to lure you into sharing private pictures and information.

  • Accidents happen. You may accidentally share the wrong picture with the wrong person


The consequences can be divers:

  • Embarrassment: If you send the wrong picture to the wrong person you may get away with just a little embarrassment

  • Blackmail: Someone who gets hold of your nudes may want to extort you into doing something like giving them money in return for not leaking your nudes

  • Bullying: Leaks on campus or in the office may lead to bullying

  • Reputation damage: Your reputation as a professional may be tarnished

  • Emotional health: You may feel uneasy knowing that your most private pictures are outside your control

How to protect yourself

Luckily by following a few golden rules you can keep yourself safe

  • Consent: Always make sure that there is trust and consent with any partner you send intimate pictures with

  • Hide your face: Hide anything that can identify you while sexting. Don't show your whole face and make sure that the background of your images is as generic as possible. This gives you deniability

  • Trust: Be careful who you trust. Never send anything to anyone you haven't met in person. Catfishing and baiting happens a lot on social media. Don't start sexting too early on in a relationship. Make sure there is plenty of trust before sexting anything that might identify yourself

  • Use safe messaging apps: At the very least use messaging apps with end-to-end encryption. These apps make sure that nobody can read the message while it is being sent. Even better is to use apps that allow you to remotely delete messages like Lovly

  • Use apps that let you control messages after they've been sent: Using apps like Lovly ensure that even if trust breaks down between you and your partner, you can delete any nudes from your partner's phone

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