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How Lovly works

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

What Lovly does

Lovly is a messaging app that keeps messages and images that are shared private. This means that only the sender and recipient can read the contents of the messages. With Lovly this protection is offered not only while the message is being sent but also after it is delivered. We achieve this through the use of a second layer of encryption.

End-to-end encryption

When you start using Lovly you set up a secret key with your partner. This is called the confidentiality key. This key is transferred directly from phone to phone without being sent over the internet. This means any hackers or even the people who built Lovly are unable to see the contents of any messages sent through Lovly, even with full access to the database: They never received the confidentiality key.

A second layer of encryption

End-to-end encryption isn't really anything new. Most messaging apps have this. What makes Lovly special is that there is a second layer of encryption. Every message or image sent though Lovly is encrypted on the server a second time. Each message gets a unique access key. When your app downloads an image sent by your partner it is encrypted with both the access key and the confidentiality key. Every time the image is opened the app needs to ask the server for the access key. If you decide to delete an item or your entire conversation the server simply stops providing the access keys.

Fake accounts and Phishing

With Lovly you need to link with your partner's phone by scanning a code on their screen. This takes away the risk of scammers pretending to be you. Even if someone is able to hack into the account you used when you logged into Lovly, they still won't be able reveal any messages

More safety features

  • Any media sent through Lovly is stored securely in the app and not in your gallery.

  • Screenshots are blocked in the Android app

  • You can delete stuff remotely even if your partner's phone isn't connected to the internet

  • You can only link one partner at a time on Lovly. This means you won't accidentally send your pictures to the wrong person.

  • We use AES, the most secure encryption standard, with a 256 bit key length. This encryption standard is so strong that not even quantum computers can crack the key. This video does a good job of explaining AES.

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