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Help! My nudes were leaked

What can you do if your nudes are leaked online? As always, prevention is key, but there are a few actions you can take to minimize the negative consequences if your private images are shared online.

Act Fast!

Images travel quickly on the internet and can be easily spread through messaging apps and less-than-reputable websites. The quicker you act, the fewer chance people have to spread your nudes. Report users and content on social media that violate your privacy immediately. If you find your nudes on websites file copyright notices or contact the webmasters (You can usually find contact details at the bottom of the website).

Warn people up-front!

A worrying trend nowadays is using nudes to blackmail people. If someone is blackmailing you with your nude photos it may be best to own the situation and let it happen. If someone threatens to reveal your pictures to your friends, family or boss, warning them can put you in a stronger position. Tell them "I'm currently being blackmailed. If you receive any unsolicited communications claiming to reveal pictures or information about me please ignore and delete the communication". You could also ask your friends and contacts to forward these communications and get into contact with the authorities.

Authorities can help

Local authorities deal with privacy issues more than ever before. Reach out to local law enforcement as they can often give advice. Furthermore, arrests for hackers and blackmailers are on the rise.


Sexting can be a healthy part of a relationship. If you take preventative measures you can enjoy the benefits without having to worry about the risks as much, just like safe sex. By using safe apps like Lovly and safe sexting behaviour you can make sure leaks don't happen in the first place.

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