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A lovely idea is born

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Lovly will be the safest and most fun messaging app for couples.

Sexting is quite prevalent these days with half of all young adults doing it. However, there are some risks involved. Currently, sexting relies on trust between you and your partner. When that trust breaks down you're left with an uneasy feeling knowing that your most intimate pictures are in the hands of someone you might no longer be intimate with. Your images may end up in the hands of the wrong people or, in the worst case, on public display on the internet. Once online, it's almost impossible to control the spread. That's why many of us never dared to dip our toes into the world of sexting.

Sexting is fun though! There's got to be way to make it safe. Lovly gives you control over your texts and images. High tech anonymity and encryption technology allows you to remotely destroy images whenever you want. Enjoy intimacy with your partner at any distance.

I designed the app with security at the core. The app is designed to make phishing attacks impossible. Phishing attacks usually involve trying to steal someone's password by pretending to be someone else. This is how the iCloud leaks were able to reveal intimate personal photos of many A-list celebrities. Lovly doesn't use usernames, emails or passwords. Good luck logging into someone's account without them.

The architecture is designed to make server hacking impossible. Even if a hacker stole the whole contents of the database, they don't have the necessary encryption keys to unlock your pictures. Even I, the developer with access to all the systems, can't decrypt anything as the encryption keys never leave your device. You can be sure that no-one except for your partner will receive your message.

I'm just finalising a tech demonstrator prototype which I will transform into a workable beta version in the coming months. Then I will open up the app to initial testers. If you want to be a tester and get your hands on the app sign up at I promise the beta will have all the required security features: The prototype already does. If you have questions or feedback please contact

Thanks for reading!

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Aug 05, 2020

Het is een app die vertrouwen uitstraalt! Mooi werk Michiel! Ik test het graag verder uit. Mijn profielfoto kan ik precies niet draaien...


Michiel Ariens
Michiel Ariens
Aug 04, 2020

You can also leave your feedback here! :)

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